Protect Your Nutz!
Spend the Extra $4.99!
Big Fat Droopy Nutz with a Hanging Kit
Included in the pack is a 1/4" zinc plated clip rated at 750 pounds to give your
Nutz a 90 degree turn. 18" of 2000 pound strength vynal coated galvanized
cable. And a 1/8" zinc plated wire clip with 5/16" nuts so you can cinch em'
down real good.
Hanging Kit Installed on
Nutz at No Additional
Red  White  Blue
Black  Flesh  Purple
Orange  Brown
Yellow  Green Pink
The Biggest Complaint About
Nutz is When You Hang Em'
They Hang Crooked. The
Pro-Pack Hanging Kit Fixes the
Problem. That 90 Degree Turn
Solves Alot of Hangin' Problems.
Also You Get the Added
Security of Having All that Metal
Holding Your Nutz to Your
Hanging Balls for Cars
Truck Nutz
The Best Quality
The Best Product
The Best Price

Every Customer, Every Request, Every Time
All hanging kits are installed at no extra cost when purchased
with Nutz. If you purchase the hanging kit separately, here is a
great way to install your hanger.
Bumper Hanging Balls
Bumper Hanging Balls
Clamp the triangle thing
(cold shut) in a vise.
Slip your Nutz over the
post. Back side up.
Beat the shit out of the
clamp until the circle fits
over the pin. Don't over
hammer. Just till flush.
Your done. Use the cable
and other clip and hang
em' on your ride!