Why buy one of the other guys visors for $19.99  when you can get a
Magic Visor with a
THREE piece hair package for less... It's like three
visors for less than the price of their one.

Patented Velcro in hair pieces allow for a quick change out when you
want that perfect look.
Magic visor is the revolutionary cap, hat, or golf sun visor with hair. No matter what you want to call it it's awesome. A
truly fantastic product when compared to flair hair cap, hat, and visor or the Billy Bob fun hair cap, hat, and visor.
Novelty Hats
We are doing some house keeping on the website. Please click
the link below to go to our sister website visormagic.com for the
hair hats. You will use the same exact shopping cart. The site will
open up in a new tab and you can come back here to order Nutz.
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