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$15.99 Big Nutz!
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You won't find your Nutz
cheaper anywhere else!
Yep, that's me. It's
always good to know
who you're doin'
business with. I
hope you enjoy your
Truck Nutz. Make
sure to tell your
friends where you
found em'.

And I would like to apologize
to all the sand sculptures. I
had too many beers that day.
Truck Nutz are a high-quality, novelty
automotive accessory that hang from
any bumper and let folks show the
world their Nutz.
Hanging Balls for Cars
Available in Red, White, Blue, Black,
, Yellow, Green,  Orange, Purple,
Pink, Brown.  

Proudly Made in the USA.
Bull Balls for Trucks
Hanging Balls for Cars
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